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Lesley Harrington Reaching O.U.T.

Lesley Harrington, BA, CADC

Over 20 years experience in addiction counseling.

Worked in treatment centers in Los Angeles, Eugene and Bend.  Then opened her own practice because she strongly believes in an individualized approach.  There is no cookie cutter method in dealing with addiction.  Her method?  Compassionate.  Respectful.  Non judgmental. 

Non shaming. 

What our clients say

"I've been on my recovery journey for about seven years under the guidance of Lesley.  She has helped me see that staying sober is about ten percent of the recovery challenge; the rest is about unlearning old behaviors that clearly don't work for me anymore, like carrying my shame and fear in my constant backpack.  She also helped me learn patience.  This work is not for sissies.  Especially at my senior/winter stage of life, retraining my brain and my spirit doesn't and hasn't happened overnight.  Lesley has helped me stay hopeful even in the darkest corners of relapse.  Lesley worked with me within the framework of my family so my support came to understand my disease.  She's been my cheerleader and my inspiration to keep trying, to keep working and to hopefully come to a place of peace and joy."

Ms. M

"My drinking had severely affected my physical and mental state;

I was diagnosed with advanced alcoholic cirrhosis.  I was a probable candidate for a liver transplant and given a fifty percent probability of surviving more than six months.  I began meeting with Lesley, with her help and counseling I stopped my destructive deadly behaviors.  She worked firmly yet gently to guide me through my maze of addiction toward the health, clarity, and happiness I now have.  Lesley helped me acquire a new set of skills and showed me that I had the ability to transform and begin a new and different life.  I will forever be grateful for her integrity and no nonsense counseling.  Lesley has truly saved my life."

Mr. T

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